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Streaming Video Alliance 2018 European Member Meeting

Streaming Video Alliance Convenes for Quarterly Member Meeting in Hungary, Expands to Two-Day Event

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Streaming Video Alliance (the Alliance), an industry forum solving challenges to improve the video experience, today kicks off their quarterly member meeting at IBM’s Labs in the center of Budapest. With over 75 attendees, the Alliance’s first two-day member meeting will cover a full agenda of Working Group sessions, keynotes and member-led discussions.

“As membership in the Alliance grows and we find ourselves addressing an even broader range of industry issues, we decided to expand this quarter’s member meeting into a multi-day event,” said Jason Thibeault, Executive Director at the Alliance. “We have a strong turnout for our first expanded meeting and our annual international event. It will be a very full two days of industry conversations and working sessions.”

Highlights from the Working Group Sessions include

  • Measurement / Quality of Experience Working Group will report on HEVC: the practicality, best practices, installed base of players/endpoints, CDN capability, royalty issues and best practices on end-to-end workflow monitoring
  • Open Caching Working Group will cover LTE-Broadcast (MBMS) and Open Caching (progress towards a PoC); home caching; QoE / QoS metrics measurement; URI signing and review of the spec draft; IETF / CDNI updates
  • Advertising Working Group’s session will include a presentation from Sky on how they deliver on their AD propositions and a discussion on error reporting with the programmatic Ads Problem statement defined and the need to explore resolutions
  • Privacy & Protection Working Group will lead a discussion about piracy and will work on a new task force for live stream protection
  • Live Streaming Working Group will focus on the white paper and the plan for a PoC around low latency streaming. In addition, they will be discussing live ingest, including use cases and technology options as they work toward developing a spec

Alliance Publishes New Documents on Advertisement Delivery Across OTT; Current State of 360-Degree Video and Best Practices; and Optimizing Video Delivery with the Open Caching Network

The Alliance recently announced the availability of three new documents produced by the Advertising Working Group, the Virtual Reality Study Group and the Open Caching Working Group. These published documents, which represent months of collaboration by members, are part of the ongoing contributions of the Alliance Working Groups and support the Alliance’s focus on educating and supporting the advancement of the streaming video industry.

  • The Advertising Working Group document can be downloaded here.
  • The VR Study Group document can be downloaded here.
  • The Open Caching Working Group white paper can be downloaded here.

Alliance’s 2019 Member Grant Program Accepting Applications

In its second year, the Membership Grant Program enables smaller organizations, such as startups that may not have the financial means to cover the Alliance’s normal membership fees, to participate in and contribute to the Alliance’s work as Principal Members for one year. Applications for the 2019 program opened last month and will be accepted through October 31, 2018. As principal members for 2019, the recipients will be involved in various working groups and will participate in the Alliance’s quarterly member meetings. The Alliance will accept three companies into the 2019 Membership Grant Program. Interested parties can apply here:

Members of the Alliance

Members of the Alliance include companies and individuals from across the streaming video ecosystem such as network operators, technology providers, service providers, and content owners. Current members are: Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Anevia, Arris, Bamtech Media, Beamr, Blue Frame, Broadpeak, CBC, Cedexis, CenturyLink, Charter Communications, Ciena, Cisco Systems, Comcast, Concurrent, ContentArmor, Conviva, Digital Element, Dolby, Edgeware, Ericsson, Espial Group, FOX Networks, Friend MTS, Globo, Google, Harmonic, Hughes Satellite Systems, IBM, Intel, Interra Systems, Irdeto, Ketan Bhardwaj, Liberty Global, Limelight Networks, NBCUniversal, NCTA, NetInsight, NeuLion, Neustar, Nexguard, Nice People at Work, Nokia, NTT East, Opticom GmbH, OWNZONES, Penthera, Phenix, Qwilt, Rob Dillon, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Sky, SSIMWAVE, System73, Tektronix, Telecom Italia, Telestream, Touchstream, Unified Streaming, Verimatrix, Verizon, Viacom, ViaSat Inc., Videastream, Western Digital Corp., and Wowza Media Systems.

For more information on the Alliance, the Working Groups, or to inquire about becoming a member, visit

About the Streaming Video Alliance

Founded in 2014, the Streaming Video Alliance is a global association of organizations from across the video ecosystem that have come together to collaborate on building solutions to the technical challenges facing the streaming video industry. Through best practices, specifications, functional requirements, proof-of-concepts, and other documents published by its working and study groups, the Alliance strives to improve the end-user video experience and promote increased adoption of streaming. For more information, please visit

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