September 2019 Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight (September 2019): Viacom

Why did Viacom join the Alliance?

The Alliance offers an opportunity for Viacom to collaborate with the member technology companies, programmers, and distributors to promote standards around distributed caching and video quality-of-service measurement that will benefit us all as well as our audiences. Collaboration on the development and adoption of open standards is essential as the television industry continues to migrate toward internet-delivered video.

What do you believe is the biggest technical challenge facing the streaming video industry the Alliance can help address?

As more and more video consumption occurs on OTT platforms, providing a consistent high quality of service at scale is going to be one of our biggest challenges. The topics being addressed in the Alliance Open Caching Working Group to plan for a vendor-neutral distributed cache that can penetrate deep into the network, coupled with the Networking & Transport Working Group’s focus on optimizing the transport are foundational to our common goals of massively scaling internet-delivered video.

How does an organization like the Streaming Video Alliance bring value to the industry?

The Alliance brings value not only by creating a forum for collaboration and discussion, but also by providing a disciplined framework for the member media and technology companies to focus on the most pressing areas where collaboration on emerging standards and best practices can make a difference.

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Glenn Goldstein

SVP and Chief Technology Convergence Officer

About Viacom

Viacom creates entertainment experiences that drive conversation and culture around the world. Through television, film, digital media, live events, merchandise and solutions, our brands connect with diverse, young and young at heart audiences in more than 180 countries.

For more information on Viacom and its businesses, visit www.viacom.com. Keep up with Viacom news by following us on Twitter (twitter.com/viacom), Facebook (facebook.com/viacom) and LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/viacom).

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