2020 Q2 Virtual Meeting Special Notes

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Q2 Virtual Meeting Guide

This guide provides information and a short set of actions for participants before joining a session at the Streaming Video Alliance Q2 Virtual Meeting.

  1. Register for the meeting
  2. Set up Zoom
  3. Install the Slido app on your phone
  4. Test your setup during the test session
  5. Plan your schedule
  6. Join the session about 5 minutes early
  7. Participate in the session
  8. Ask questions using the mobile app
  9. Get help if needed

Register for the Meeting

Click on the link below to register for the meeting. Remember to indicate which sessions you plan to attend.



Setup Zoom

We have implemented multiple security measures to ensure that our Zoom sessions remain private. Because of that, you need to take special steps with Zoom:

  1. Visit https://www.zoom.com to create an account.
  2. When you create this account you MUST use your corporate email address. That is because we have locked down the domains that can join our virtual sessions to active member companies.
  3. If you CAN NOT register a Zoom account using your corporate email (because of your company’s stance on Zoom), please contact Flor (fdazzi@streamingvideoalliance.org) who will work with you on an alternate login option.

Install the Slido App

More information to come shortly.

Test Your Setup During the Test Session

We have scheduled a test session for members on Wednesday @ 9am PT. Details have been sent via email.

Plan Your Schedule

Remember to check out the latest meeting schedule on the meeting page to determine when you should join the Zoom meetings.



Join the Sessions 5 Minutes Early

Don’t wait until the last minute. Join a few minutes early. We recommend the following:

  • Announce yourself when you join and then go on mute. Try to keep your microphone on mute when you aren’t speaking.
  • For presentations, all attendees will be automatically muted by the host.

Participate in the Session (As Appropriate)

If the session is a Working Group session, participate as you normally would during a call or typical Face-to-Face meeting. Working Group chairs will employ tools they often use, such as Google Docs or screen share, to engage attendees.


If the session is a presentation, participation will be limited to asking questions using the Slido Mobile application.

Ask Questions Using the Mobile App (Slido)

For presentations, we are using the mobile app Slido. This system allows attendees to:

    • Ask questions anonymously at anytime during the presentation
    • Upvote questions that others have asked. So if someone beats you to a question and you really want to hear it answered, simply vote it up.
    • When we reach the Q&A portion of the presentation, the host will switch the view from the slides to the submitted questions and work with the presenter to address the questions according to their place in the queue.


Note that SVA staff will review questions as they are asked. If we feel that a question is inappropriate, we will remove it from the queue.

Get Help If Needed

If you are experiencing any technical issues, such as with getting Zoom or the Slido mobile app setup, please reach out to Hali (hmorek@streamingvideoalliance.org) or Flor (fdazzi@streamingvideoalliance.org) with your question.

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