Streaming Video is Changing the Television Experience

Where people once watched video sitting on their couch. They discovered content through electronic and printed programming guides. But now, they are watching video on their mobile phones, and computers, tablets, and more. People want to watch video when, where, how, and through whatever device they have. But streaming online video isn’t like watching TV. At least not yet. The quality isn’t always consistent. Different streaming video providers offer their service in different ways. And even the way people pay to watch online video can be different from provider to provider.

Streaming Video is like the Wild, Wild West

Because there are no guidelines on how to deliver online video, companies are doing it anyway they can. Major broadcasters like CBS and NBC as well as new players like Hulu and Netflix are doing whatever they must to make the best possible streaming video experience. And that, ultimately, hurts long-term adoption. There are not guarantees about quality, consistency, or the user experience.

Enter the Streaming Video Alliance

The Streaming Video Alliance was formed to address the challenges facing the industry in delivering a consistent streaming video experience. Representing companies from throughout the online video ecosystem (content owners, infrastructure operators, service providers, and technology providers), we promote collaboration on documentation and proof-of-concepts that addresses those challenges. Focusing on best practices, specifications, and requirements, our member companies work together through a number of different Working Groups to tackle fundamental issues across a broad range of topics.

You Can Make a Difference

The adoption of streaming video is moving incredibly fast. New technologies and methods to deliver it, to package it, and to monetize it are appearing almost daily. Our hope is that the Alliance can bring consistency to our rapidly evolving industry, while influencing the creation of standards through other forums (like the Consumer Technology Association).

Are you in?