The State of VR/360-Degree Video

The State of VR/360-Degree Video
Title: The State of VR/360-Degree Video
Release Date: September 11, 2018
Contributors: Brian Stevenson (Ericsson), Robin Wilson (BAMTECH Media), Bo Olofsson (Bell Labs), Viorel Craciun (Ericsson), Devon Copley (Nokia), Nidish Parikh (Nokia), Joe Shepherd (OWNZONES), Xue Li (Verizon), Jeff Budney (Verizon), Chris Michaels (Wowza Media Systems), Satender Saroha (Yahoo!), Bhautik Joshi (Adobe)
Pages: 65

VR/360-degree video is an exciting evolution of traditional video content and both entertainment companies and traditional businesses are exploring its uses. While consumer adoption of VR video is still at the beginning of the adoption curve, many content owners and marketers are looking to this innovative medium to differentiate themselves in a crowded content market, to tell new, engaging stories, or deliver product/brand messaging. This market report looks at the technology, challenges, and approaches currently available to content creators with VR/360-degree video.

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