Metadata Working Group Home Overview Streaming experiences require data to be associated with the content, from a basic title and description, to in-depth metadata describing the very detail of the content. It can also contain associated content, such as images, highlights, extras. It also defines content availability rights, user entitlements, and categories. With the television …

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Live Streaming

Live Streaming Working Group Home Overview Although many in the streaming video industry would say that “we have VOD figured out,” live linear streaming is a completely different animal. Plagued by a host of challenges ranging from scaling, to ad insertion, to “time behind live,” to multi-platform distribution, content providers are feverishly trying to provide …

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Networking and Transport

Networking & Transport Working Group Home Overview As online streaming video grows in popularity, increasing audience sizes will put more demands on network operators and content distributors. Massive live events and popular VOD content will require more capacity, better resiliency, and heightened operations. This content may also require potentially different delivery approaches (IP Multicast, UDP …

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Measurement/Quality of Experience

Measurement/QoE Working Group Home Overview Traditional linear broadcast has established a set of consumer expectations around watching video that have not translated well to online streaming. Consumers want a “broadcast quality” experience regardless if they watch on their television or their mobile phone. But what metrics do video distributors need to gather and measure? What …

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Privacy and Protection

Privacy and Protection Working Group Home Overview Security and protection of video content, as well as subscriber data, is a top priority for content owners, aggregators and distributors across the streaming media value chain. Breaches in security can not only undermine subscriber trust and confidence, but threaten revenue as well. The Privacy and Protection Working …

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