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The Technical Committee is comprised of the members that participate in Alliance Working Groups and is responsible for the discussion and preliminary adoption of Specifications, white papers, best practices, and other Alliance technical publications. The Technical Committee, through the Working Group Chairs, will make technical recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning specifications, white papers, best practices, enhancements, testing programs, etc.


The objectives of this committee are:
  • Make recommendations on future Alliance Working Group activities (i.e., which topics to explore, specifications to address, etc.)
  • Review other SSO and consortia activity to ensure that Alliance Working Group activity is complimentary to activities in other organizations
  • Recommend liaisons with other organizations
  • Review Working Group output prior to the ratification process


This committee was recently formed and chairs are currently being recruited.

Current Projects

This committee does not have any current projects.



This committee does not currently have any published documents.


This committee does not currently have any draft documents.

Committee Members

This committee was recently formed and members will be added soon.

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