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What's a Committee?

Committees are formed to address projects, such as planning a conference or developing an industry glossary, that don’t fall into traditional working group activity or have a much broader scope within the organization. That can also be started to provide more operational or administrative support to Alliance activities and staff. Much like working groups, committees have one or more chairs and meet regularly to work towards accomplishing their objectives.

Focus Areas

Committees can focus on a number of activities.

Functional Needs

Committees can be formed to address specific marketing programs, such as the development of a conference, or just contribute generally to Alliance marketing objectives such as building brand awareness. These committees help supplement Alliance staff and better address functional needs.

Specific Projects

A committee may be formed around a specific project, such as an industry glossary, that doesn't fit into just one working group.

Administrative Support

Committees can be started to specifically address operational needs, such as evaluating Grant Member applications for the board. In many of these cases, the committee is comprised of certain member levels.

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