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Common Token Standards Project

The CTA-Wave group has initiated a project to address a Common Token Standards for CDNs. This was based on the project description submitted to the group by Will Law (Akamai):


Access tokens are used to grant access by a media client to media assets, once that client has been authenticated. Today every CDN has a different mechanism for structuring, naming, generating and revoking tokens. This causes problems with multi-CDN deployments, especially with load-balancing/content steering solutions. There is benefit across the OTT industry if a common and consistent token format can be developed and broadly supported. DASH IF began work on a token access format, but it was targeted at DASH clients only and has not received much deployment. We could start with that format, improve it and make it HLS compatible.


We believe that our membership and activities are far more aligned with CDN activity than CTA-Wave. As such, we proposed a joint project with them that they accepted. For this project:

  • CTA-Wave will host the calls and the working group activity.
  • The working group will be co-chaired by one (1) person from CTA-Wave and (1) person from the SVA.
  • The resulting publication will be co-branded by both organizations.
  • The resulting publication will be hosted on each organization’s website.


To facilitate the Alliance’s participation in this project, we are gathering names of people who would like to engage with the group. Per the consent below, the contact details of each participant will be provided to CTA-Wave so that they can add the person to the working group email redirector and provide them access to the calls.

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