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About the SEGMENTS Conference and our Q2 Member Meeting

As you are all probably aware, numerous technical conferences and events have been cancelled because of health concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to that, many companies, and countries, have placed travel restrictions on employees and citizens in the hopes of further mitigating the spread.

Our goal in launching the SEGMENTS conference is to establish a non-member presence for the Alliance, an educationally-focused event the industry can benefit from. Unfortunately, the current global situation would significantly impact attendance to our inaugural event; travel bans are increasing and further restrictions are being imposed with uncertain end dates.

In addition, SEGMENTS was anchored to our Q2 member meeting. These meetings are vitally important to both building Alliance community as well as furthering working group activities. We have been consistently growing our attendance and strengthening collaboration at these face-to-face meetings; however, this would not be possible if the majority of our member attendees are unable to travel because of bans and/or restrictions.

It is for this reason that the Board of Directors has decided it is in the best interest of the Alliance and its members to reschedule both events. We will most likely move SEGMENTS to late April, 2021. We are exploring alternate options for our upcoming Q2 meeting, including hosting a virtual event, as well as having some semi-formal meetups during the summer and fall.

Our ultimate concern, of course, is for the health of our members and attendees and we hope you understand the decision to move these events.

We will be announcing the SEGMENTS rescheduling date/location as well as alternate plans for the Q2 meeting in the coming weeks.

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