The Streaming Video Alliance is a unique organization that boasts members from across the online video value chain: service providers, technology providers, network operators, and content owners. Below are the logos of our current members.

Sponsor Members

Sponsor members represent founding organizations and have a permanent seat on the Streaming Video Alliance Board of Directors.

Principal Members

Principal members enjoy all the benefits of membership within the Streaming Video Alliance: the ability to lead groups and projects, an opportunity to serve on the board, full rights to vote on working group publications, and more. Find out more about becoming a Principal Member or Join today!

Grant Recipients

The following companies have been awarded Principal Memberships for the 2019 calendar year as part of the Streaming Video Alliance Membership Grant Program.

Supporting Members

Supporting members enjoy a reduced set of membership benefits. Although they can contribute to Working Group activity, they cannot vote on documents or lead projects. Find out more about becoming a Supporting Member or Join today!

Current Members