The Streaming Video Alliance Working Groups are all actively engaged on current or emerging projects. This page will be updated quarterly to reflect changes to the project landscape.

Page last updated: June 12, 2019


The Ad PoC of the Advertising group has been discussing these past couple of months still continues to grow, but momentum has slowed down a bit in the past month. With many action items continuing to go unfinished, there was a lot of discussion at the Q2 Face to Face meeting around whether or not the amount of work necessary from certain companies is really worth it in the end. Since so many companies are expressing concerns, the group is currently working on figuring out a way to make it worthwhile for these companies to contribute.

Live Streaming

The Live Streaming Group continues their efforts towards wrapping up their Low Latency Document. After the feedback received at the Q2 Face to Face meeting, they only have a couple of sections still to be completed (Conclusion and Abstract) in addition to a thorough review to confirm that all terminology is consistent, etc. Since they are nearing the end of this project, the WG chair, Kevin Johns, is encouraging the group to begin thinking about what they want to discuss once it is completed.


The Measurement/QoE WG’s End-to-End Monitoring document is getting closer and closer to completion. As mentioned last month, they had just created and began filling in a new table under section 11 based on the value proposition of monitoring points. Thanks to the many people who participated in the session at the Q2 Face-to-Face meeting in Philadelphia, they managed to fill in the entire table complete with pros and cons for each point. With that section being complete, the group is focusing their time on figuring out the best method to take for them to get valuable feedback on the document from the group, while continuing to review it themselves and make sure everything is getting buttoned up.

Networking and Transport

The Networking and Transport group continues to collect use cases/ documents/articles within the industry related to N&T through the Slack channel. One major topic of interest thus far has been Quic (rebrand of HTTP3).

Geo (sub-group)

Geo is currently identifying challenges faced by streaming companies with respect to geo-fencing, geo-location, and other geo-related functions. They are hoping to categorize these challenges into use cases and publish the document later in 2019. The group will derive a project from that document. Their last document, “Geo for IPv6,” is currently with the members in the first stage of ratification.

Open Caching

The Open Caching working group continues to work on their highest prioritized documents/PoC’s. One major thing that the OC group is encouraging is the participation in outside groups, such as the IETF and CDN working group. At the Q2 face to face meeting, the group chairs decided to have Glenn Deen (active in the IETF) present about how to be more active in external standards organizations. The group has also been focusing their efforts towards reviewing and finishing up the ‘Open Caching Relayed Token Authentication’ document.

Edge Storage (sub-group)

Edge Storage is currently working on a use case document that defines the likely scenarios for deploying caching inside the home.

Privacy and Protection

The Privacy and Protection working group is still in the early stages of their Streaming Security document, but the document has grown, thanks to the contributions from multiple members.

VR (study group)

The VR Study Group is working towards the milestones in the PoC project plan that was laid out in May and discussed formally at the Face-to-Face meeting in Philadelphia.