Configuration Interface - Part 2 Proposed Extensions to CDNi Metadata Objects Model

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Please note that this is a DRAFT document. As such, details may change prior to publication. Also, the download button links to the current draft document housed in the Streaming Video Alliance member portal. Clicking on the button will open the portal which will require you to login with valid credentials of a paying member company.

Estimated Publication Date

Q1, 2022

Document Description

This is part two in a set of documents that specifies the motivational drivers, use cases, and standards for a configuration interface to facilitate interoperability within the content delivery network (CDN) and open caching ecosystem. This document presents the context and requirements for extending the Content Delivery Network Interconnection (CDNi) metadata model, as well as specific extensions that will fulfill those requirements.   This document will provide all the necessary information for an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) memo describing the Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) metadata interface requirements beyond those stated in RFC-7337 (Content Distribution Network Interconnection Requirements), along with requested extensions to RFC-8006 (Content Delivery Network Interconnection Metadata).

Working Group Chairs

The following members are the working group chairs who oversaw this document and are reflected on the document itself. Note: these members may or may not be the current working group chairs.

Document Leads

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The following members have contributed to the development of this document. Note: for draft documents, this list may change prior to publication.

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