Improved Quality of Service (QoS) For Advertisement Delivery Across OTT: Best Practices

Improved Quality of Service (QoS) For Advertisement Delivery Across OTT: Best Practices

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Document Description

Advertisement insertion into OTT streams is a critical part of the overall user experience. Breakdowns in services or delivery can have a detrimental impact on viewer churn. To provide users with the best possible Quality of Experience (QoE), content publishers must take into account the advertising workflow with regards to quality, duration, delivery, and failure. The best practices presented in this paper, developed by a number of contributing companies in the Streaming Video Alliance’s Advertising Working Group, address a myriad of considerations for any OTT service provider that is considering the inclusion of advertising in their offering.

Document Details

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Publication Date

September 11, 2018

Working Group Chairs

Chris Hock (Adobe)
Mourad Kioumgi (Sky)

Project Leads

Chris Hock (Adobe)
Mourad Kioumgi (Sky)


Jens Loeffler (Adobe), Michael Walt (Comcast), Glenn Deen (Comcast/NBCUniversal), Sudhi Nada (Conviva), Olivier Wellman (Conviva), Thomas Edwards (FOX Networks), Ryc Brownrigg (Liberty Global), Mourad Kioumgi (Sky), Bukola Fashola (Sky), Simon Grist (Sky), Glenn Goldstein (Viacom), Chris Michaels (Wowza)
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