Open Cache Request Routing Functional Specification (Version 2.0)

(DRAFT) Open Cache Request Routing Functional Specification (Version 2.0)

DRAFT Document Details

Please note that this is a DRAFT document. As such, details may change prior to publication. Also, the download button links to the current draft document housed in the Streaming Video Alliance member portal. Clicking on the button will open the portal which will require you to login with valid credentials of a paying member company.



Estimated Publication Date

Q2, 2020

Working Group Chairs

Eric Klein (Disney Streaming Services)
Yoav Gressel (Qwilt)


Ori Finkelman (Qwilt), Sanjay Mishra (Verizon), Jason Hofmann (Limelight Networks), Kevin J Ma (Ericsson), Bill Zurat (MLBAM), Eric Klein (MLBAM), Dan Sahar (Qwilt), Matt Stock (Limelight Networks)

Document Description

This document describes the high-level functional specification of open caching request routing and the required interfaces to enable request routing to be performed from an upstream CDN to an open cache system. This version has been updated to address the Manifest Rewrite routing scheme.
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