Oct 17

NBC Sports, Sky Deutschland and RTVE: Hear from the broadcast experts on the future of OTT

This was originally posted on October 9, 2018 on the SportsPro website by Tom Bassam. In the first of our OTT Summit Speaker Series we spoke to Yolanda Garcia Cuevas, director of sports at RTVE; Hans Gabbe, Sky Deutschland’s senior vice president, sports rights and commercialisation; and Eric Black, chief technology officer at NBC Sports..Read More

Oct 05

Rebuilding the yellow pay-wall: Sportradar’s Patrick Mostboeck on the relaunch of BVB-TV

This was originally posted on September 27, 2018 on the SportsPro website by Nick Friend. SportsPro caught up with Patrick Mostboeck, Sportradar’s BVB-TV relaunch project manager, to discuss the key aspects of an OTT product and the reasons for Dortmund’s new service. In August, German soccer giants Borussia Dortmund relaunched their in-house over-the-top (OTT) content..Read More

Apr 27

Next-Generation Streaming with the Open Caching Network

How do you make your streaming viewers happier, so they consume more content and keep their subscription longer? The key is in how you address critical technical challenges like scale, quality, and startup time. In this post, you’ll learn about the Streaming Video Alliance’s Open Caching Network and how you can use this novel and..Read More

Apr 09

The Streaming Video Alliance is Growing Up

Since the Streaming Video Alliance’s formation in 2014, a lot has changed in streaming video. Not only have new streaming technologies come into the market, but new approaches to solving old problems have been proposed (like applying WebRTC to the latency issue with live streaming), and adoption has continued to explode across a myriad of..Read More

Dec 08

Are Smartphones the Future of the Television Experience?

As people watch more online video from more screens (see Figure 1, from Ooyala), one thing is clear: the smartphone is becoming an increasingly larger part of the viewing experience, rivaling and, in some cases, exceeding that of other devices for certain lengths of content. [1] As Figure 1 illustrates, the mobile phone exceeds that..Read More

Oct 25

Is AT&T’s Acquisition of Time Warner a Warning Shot Across Verizon’s Bow?

Just recently, AT&T announced plans to acquire Time Warner, a purchase that would add a host of valuable content assets (like HBO, CNN, and TNT) to its growing portfolio (which already includes DirecTV). The seemingly obvious reason for this new acquisition is diversification. The rise of Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video have shown us..Read More

Sep 12

For Online Video to Succeed Broadcast, Collaboration is Key

Walking around the halls of IBC 2016, I am struck by the maturity of online video technologies. No longer ostracized to the kid’s table, online video (and, by consequence, the cloud) has been embraced by a variety of established technology companies who have launched offerings to address the growing OTT space. Take Accenture Digital Video..Read More

Aug 29

For the Success of Online Video, Let’s Strike While the Iron is Hot

In an earlier article, I proposed that although people were clearly consuming the 2016 Rio Olympics streaming from a variety of devices, it wasn’t “primetime” for online streaming; that there were still a host of challenges (quality, authentication, etc.) to overcome before we would ever see online take the place of broadcast. But combine popularity with..Read More

Jul 05

Online Video vs. TV: Have We Finally Reached the Tipping Point?

We can’t escape the voices in the industry. “Cable television is dead.” “Cord cutting is for real.” “Millennials watch all of their content online.” But have we truly reached a point where online video is replacing traditional broadcast television? Sure, it’s clear that online video is growing in popularity. The latest research from Limelight Networks..Read More

Jul 05

Why Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon Will Win the Living Room

Apple’s recent launch of a much-revised and improved Apple TV experience brings the family room back into the spotlight, where a long-standing war has been raging. From game consoles to set-top boxes (STB) to smart apps, a host of hardware and software companies have been vying for the coveted “gateway” spot—the main device or application..Read More