Reducing Churn, Building Engagement, and Delighting Subscribers (August 21st, 10am to 11am PST)

Viewer churn is the OTT killer. But keeping subscribers engaged and coming back to a service involves more than just great content. It requires a keen eye on the data—from ensuring a great Quality of Experience (QoE) to making smart marketing decisions about content to providing excellent customer service, data is key. But what should you be measuring? What are the key metrics and their thresholds? And how do you implement all of this into an existing workflow? This panel will explore the kind of data that can have a meaningful impact on an OTT experience, best practices for measuring different elements within the workflow, and the techniques to capture the data that you need.

Panelists include:

  • Aditya Ganjam (Conviva)
  • Nick Nelson (OWNZONES)
  • Jonathan Shields (Nice People at Work)
  • Brenton Ough (Touchstream)

This topic will be moderated by Jason Thibeault, the Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance. You can follow Jason on Twitter at @_jasonthibeault.