Multicast ABR (Tuesday May 22nd, 10am PDT)

When it comes to online streaming, we live in a unicast world. And that’s a problem. As more consumers gravitate towards anytime, anywhere video consumption, the capacity to serve single streams of high-quality video content to millions of viewers reaches its breaking point. The question is whether multicast ABR is the solution or just a technological unicorn. In this panel, you’ll learn about the differences between unicast and multicast, how multicast ABR might be achieved (and under what conditions) using a variety of technologies such as LTE-B, and the challenges that may keep this solution from ever coming to fruition.

This panel features the following speakers:

  • Philippe Carol (Anevia)
  • Neil Geary (Liberty Global)
  • Brian Stevenson (Nokia)
  • Mark Fisher (Qwilt)

It was moderated by Jason Thibeault, Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance. You can follow Jason on Twitter at @_jasonthibeault.