Transitioning Video Delivery to the Cloud: Best Practices (November 20th, 10am to 11am PST)

The real transition from traditional TV broadcast to online video is happening behind the scenes as incumbents and new providers embrace cloud resources to provide a scalable, distributed means to reach the widest possible audience. But the cloud is complicated. With a myriad of providers and a bevy of services available, providers need to understand both how the cloud can help streaming video workflows as well as the challenges involved with implementation and integration. In this panel, you’ll hear experts discuss a variety of challenges with cloud-based workflows, the growing importance of edge computing, and best practices for adopting cloud technologies in video delivery.

Panelists include:

  • Dror Gill (Beamr)
  • Raji Sankaran (Concur)
  • Mick McCluskey (Espial)
  • Petr Peterka (Verimatrix)
  • Johan Bolin (

This topic was moderated by Jason Thibeault, the Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance. You can follow Jason on Twitter at @_jasonthibeault.