Understanding Open Caching (Thursday October 26 at 11AM PST)

Part of delivering a great video experience means getting content as quickly to end users as possible. But when ISPs have to backhaul content from the public Internet, or CDNs, it adds time, and increases the potential for network delivery problems. Open Caching is a revolutionary new streaming architecture designed to provide localized caching resources within the operator network that interoperates with CDN caches and content owner origins. In this panel, you’ll learn what Open Caching is, the benefits, and, more importantly, listen to a lively discussion about some of the challenges that have to be addressed to make Open Caching a reality.

This panel features Dan Sahar (Qwilt) and Eric Klein (BAMTECH), the Streaming Video Alliance Open Caching Working Group chairs.

This topic was moderated by Jason Thibeault, the Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance. You can follow Jason on Twitter at @_jasonthibeault.

About the Streaming Video Alliance

The Streaming Video Alliance is a global consortium of companies dedicated to helping shape the future of streaming video through the publication of best practices, guidelines, specifications, and requirements. The Alliance is the only streaming video industry forum representing a true cross-section of the value chain. Service providers, network operators, content owners, and technology providers are all collaborating together to build a future where streaming video is “broadcast quality.”