may, 2019

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It’s been roughly 70 years since cable TV first appeared and during that span of time the pay TV industry has survived lots of upheaval. But perhaps no bigger wave of disruption has ever hit the industry than the one crashing right now. The market’s established pay TV providers are facing a range of new challenges from streaming video behemoths and upstart providers alike. And the number of new players entering the market – some carrying familiar names and others not – seems to be growing exponentially. Further, this turmoil is spilling into almost all sectors of the business, from advertising to distribution to the very screens consumers are using to watch video. At The Pay TV Show, we’ll look at the innovative technologies, strategies and business models that telecom, tech and media companies are using to compete in what has become a marketplace of mayhem.


may 13 (Monday) - 15 (Wednesday) MST


The Westin

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