Multicast ABR (MABR) Best Practices Whitepaper

With more consumers watching online video in their homes, it is becoming increasingly important to explore alternate delivery technologies that make better use of consumer and fixed-network bandwidth. For example, imagine a dozen homes (all subscribers to the same ISP) or multiple people within the home, on different devices, all watching the same 4K HDR stream. In today's delivery architecture, delivery of that stream is accomplished using unicast in which each house and device receives its own stream. What happens in this scenario? The closed network of the ISP quickly becomes congested despite the content all being the same! The Multicast ABR (MABR) Best Practices Whitepaper distills data captured from the Streaming Video Alliance's Multicast ABR 4K HDR Proof-of-Concept into actionable best practices that any service provider can use to ensure the best possible use of bandwidth (by delivering via MABR) which, ultimately, provides a better end-user experience with streaming online video.

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