Streaming Video Alliance Grant Program

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About the Program

The Streaming Video Alliance Grant Program was started in 2018 to help smaller companies, like startups, bring their innovative ideas and technology into our working groups and projects without financial encumbrance. This benefits the Streaming Video Alliance as well as the industry but infusing our publications with bleeding-edge ideas. But it’s also beneficial to the Grant companies by allowing them unfettered access to many of the larger companies with whom they might want to engage, sometimes even resulting in acquisition.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to extending Grant Program Awards to businesses owned by under-represented and/or marginalized groups. You can read more about this means for the Grant Program applicants in our Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

Current Grant Members


Application Window

The application window opens on October 1st and closes on October 31st (11:59pm CT) each year.

Principal Membership

All Grant Recipients receive a 1-year Principal membership (our highest level).

Financial Requirements

Applying companies must generate less than $1.5M in annual revenue. Documentation, such as a letter from an accountant or CFO, needs to accompany the application.


Grant recipient companies are expected to attend our three face-to-face meetings as well as get involved in appropriate working groups.


Grant recipient companies are expected to announce their award in a press release.

Grant Member Blogs

Fighting Stream Piracy with ContentArmor Video Watermark

Piracy Is Your Toughest Competitor Assessing the impact of streaming piracy has always been a difficult and controversial exercise. Interestingly, in a panel about “IP Protection” during the 2019 OTT Sports Pro Summit in Madrid, an anti-piracy representative of a large PayTV operator shared an internal evaluation of the scale of streaming piracy for their

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Solving The Streaming Scale Challenge

The Capacity Gap Much has been said about the explosive growth in the demand for streaming video, and how it impacts the infrastructure that supplies it. Some estimate that in a few years streaming demand will outpace the ability to supply it by a factor of five. With CPU performance increasing at a modest 3.5%

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Live Streaming is the Next Big Thing

The Popularity of Streaming Video is Without Question The popularity of streaming video is without question. More people around the world are “tuning in” to streaming services than traditional broadcast. Through “over-the-top” (OTT) services like Netflix, iFlix, Viaplay, YouTube, and others, consumers are watching the shows and videos they wish to watch, from a variety

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Improving Scalability and Viewer Experience Through Mesh Network Delivery

Architecting video delivery to handle skyrocketing demand In recent years, content providers have faced unprecedented challenges: viewer numbers are soaring across every region of the world and appetites for more streaming content are growing as binge watching becomes more and more common. At the same time, consumer expectations for quality, reliability, and availability are reaching

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Shaping the Future of Streaming Video Data

Cleaning up the Mess If you are a streaming video engineer focused on the user experience (such as player development) or in operations gathering data to resolve performance issues, you are familiar with the mess of  dealing with streaming video measurement data. Not only are there countless sources of non-normalized data, but they are available

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Yes. Grant recipients are reviewed each year after the close of the current application window. Those companies that the board feels have been participating and engaging faithfully may be awarded a subsequent grant (so long as they continue to meet the financial requirements).

No. All Grant Program applicants must be a formal organization (i.e., corporation, LLC, etc.).

Yes. Grant Program Members are afforded all the opportunities of a Principal member including voting rights. In some cases, leading a project can help with receiving subsequent grant awards.

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