Based on groundbreaking research conducted by media analyst firm Ampere Analysis, this white paper covers more than 6,000 TV viewing sports fans in ten countries (see full details in the methodology chapter) and reveals differences in the ways they consume illegal sports content, and the attitudes and behaviors that underpin consumers’ use of pirate content providers.

Q1 experienced large increases in overall viewing, up 57% year over year, building on multiple quarters of significant growth. Streaming grew fastest in Europe, up 70% overall, rising quickly compared to the Americas, up 57%, Asia, up 30%, and Africa, up 25% in time spent viewing year over year. Europe has a diverse makeup when it comes to streaming habits, but overall growth in viewing was relatively consistent across the board. Western Europe led with 80% growth in viewing hours year over year in Q1, while the other European regions ranged from 64-66% growth over the same time period.

The annual Penthera US Streaming Behavior Survey highlights changing attitudes and behaviors towards streaming and download technology across the United States. We worked with an independent research company to query 1,000 people across the country and asked panelists to respond with “typical” day-to-day behaviors as they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. The sample included adults ages 18-50.

The nature of television is in a state of transformation. Although delivering video to the viewer is essentially the same, whether by QAM or IP, the shifting nature of access, consumption, and interaction has caused uncertainty within the industry as it tries to answer a central question
in light of shifting consumer behaviour: “what is television?” In the past, it was easy to define by both the screen and the programming guide. “Watching TV” meant just that: turning on the television set, wherever it may be in the house, and watching whatever was being broadcast. Rights holders needed broadcasters and cable operators to reach those eyeballs.

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Industry Research and Analysis

There are a number of excellent research and analyst firms providing reports about the streaming video/OTT market, trends, technologies, and more. Some technology vendors and professional services firms have also produced insightful consumer or industry research. We have collected some of those reports below. Click on the link to go to the report page. In some cases, where the report is provided free-of-charge, we have linked to it directly. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. If there is a report, some vendor research, or a tool that’s missing, please let us know!

Member Company Research


Other Vendor Research

Interactive Research Tools

Analyst Firms

Click on a logo to find out more about the firms. We have tried, when possible, to link to a list of their streaming video-specific research material.

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