CDNs and Infrastructure

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Delivery Providers See the Value of Joining the Streaming Video Alliance

Online video is gaining in popularity with more of that video traffic passing through commercial CDNs. A future where the majority of TV is delivered over an IP network is not that far away. First however, we must overcome the hurdle of delivering a consistently high-quality online video experience.

As you prepare your CDN infrastructure for the flood of streaming video traffic, collaboration with others along the value chain becomes more important. Working together with experts in the streaming video ecosystem will help you achieve your goals faster. With the help of Alliance members, you can tackle critical challenges such as Content IngestionOptimizing QoELive Streaming, and Security and Privacy.

Top CDNs have already joined the movement. This ensures that their views and input are reflected in the Streaming Video Alliance’s work.  Don’t sit on the sidelines while others chart the course for streaming video. Join today!