Board of Directors

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Current Board Members

Board members are representatives from Sponsor member companies (voting and non-voting), Principal member companies (two are annually voted), and invited Advisors.


Alon Maor



Bill Wohnoutka

Business Leader, Internet and Content Delivery

Committee Member: Industry References and Grant Review

Chris Hock

Head of Business Strategy and Development, Media & Entertainment

Committee Member: Fellow Nominations

Clive Dickens

VP Product Development, TV and Content

standing and treasurer
Committee Member: Fellow Nominations

Glenn Deen

Comcast Distinguished Engineer & NBCUniversal Sr. Director, Networking & Distribution Technology


Jeff Budney

Manager, Core Network Planning

president and standing
Committee Member: Fellow Nominations

Joe Inzerillo

Executive Vice President & CTO at Disney Streaming Services / The Walt Disney Company

non-voting and standing
Committee Member: Grant Review

Mourad Kioumgi

VOD Solutions Architect


Ryc Brownrigg

VP of Digital Technology


Steve Miller-Jones

Vice President of Edge Strategy and Solution Architecture


Thomas Edwards

Principal Solutions Architect

Committee Member: Grant Review

Vipul Patel

Vice President, Advanced Video Engineering

Previous Board Members

These are previous board members. They are ordered alphabetically by first name and the company name indicates the company they worked for while serving on the board.

Bob Blackburn

Vice President Engineering, Cloud Video Architecture at Charter Communications

Colin McQuade

Dan Hennessy

Gary Traver

Jack Waters

Jamie Miles

Jason Hofmann

Jay Rolls

Jens Loeffler

Senior Director, Video Platform Engineering

Jim Brickmeyer

Joe Depalo

John Leddy

Keith Zubchevich

Ken Morse

Lee Hicks

Mike Altland

Omer Luzzatti

Rajeev Raman

Richard Doherty

Ryan Korte

Sean Gilliam

Yves Boudreau

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