Glenn Deen

Internet and digital video technologist who specializes is disruptive projects. I enjoy working with talented people and big-vision strategic projects from the earliest vision development stage onward through making the vision the new normal.

Drawing on my career experiences applying computer-science and technology to diverse business areas such as weather forecasting, distributed storage systems, firewalls and cybersecurity, secure healthcare data management, scalable multiplayer games and agent-based models, content protection, and Internet video distribution I am deft at drawing parallels between industries and adapting proven solutions to new problems. Invent when needed, adapt, refine, and repurpose when able.

I am a prolific inventor with quite a few issued patents and a pipeline of new applications with uses in network messaging, applied cryptography, dynamic-scalability, parallel computing, Internet video streaming, and content recognition.

Glenn has contributed to the following Streaming Video Alliance publications:

Glenn is currently the Co-Chair for the Networking and Transport Working Group. He is also a standing member of the Board of Directors.