Member Spotlight (June 2019)

Touchstream is a cloud based OTT live stream monitoring solution. They provide active stream monitoring for content providers and broadcasters around the world delivering granular information about every format, every bitrate, every minute of the day. Unlike in-player monitoring tools, Touchstream’s active monitoring capability tests live streams even when no one is watching to ensure everything is performing as expected. If problems are detected, Touchstream sends early warning alerts to an operations team, giving them time to fix problems before they become viewer issues. Touchstream was featured in the CIO 2018 Review of the “Top 10 Media & Entertainment Solution Providers”

Why did Touchstream join the Alliance?

As a young, innovative company Touchstream was invited two years ago to join the Streaming Video Alliance under the grant initiative. The genesis to bring together prominent, large broadcasters and small, agile companies like us to collaborate on important OTT benchmarks allows the entire gamut of the industry to have a contribution to the working groups and bring valuable insights from different angles.

What do you believe is the biggest technical challenge facing the streaming video industry the Alliance can help address?

The ability to rapidly scale-up for live streaming events is reaching a critical point for broadcasters. The Alliance´s working groups like open caching, live streaming and QoE all play a major role in this future of ultra-high, global, live streaming events.

How does an organization like the Streaming Video Alliance bring value to the industry?

The Streaming Video Alliance is in a key position to build a cohesiveness in the new OTT environment by creating industry standards on Quality of Service and best practices, giving its members, and the industry, a critical advantage in high quality streaming. Because the Alliance is primarily focused at the engineering level, the cooperation fostered among the many operators and vendors, and the sometimes slightly heated debate, creates a unique opportunity to tackle the most complex large scale and important issues in the future of OTT streaming.

Brenton Ough, CEO and Co-Founder

Member Spotlight (June 2019)
Brenton is currently a co-lead on the Streaming Video Alliance’s Measurement/QoE working group document “Best practices in End-to-End monitoring

Based in Barcelona, Brenton is CEO and Co-Founder of Touchstream. Touchstream was established in Australia in 2015 to provide active stream monitoring for content providers and broadcasters to close the end-to-end visibility gap that existed primarily at or around the CDN and origin.

Prior to setting up Touchstream Brenton´s career focused on performance monitoring at HP for clients like Sky, NYSE and iBasis. He was responsible at Sky for delivering the Digital Systems Refresh program and it was here where Brenton saw a gap in mission critical monitoring. Brenton worked closely with HP’s OpenView Software Division to design and develop significant product enhancements for the immense Chase Manhattan environment. He subsequently presented the project to the HP OpenView Forum conference and its concepts were incorporated into the OpenView product.

Brenton began his technology career in Australia in 1985 before moving to the UK and technical management. Today, with a passion for sports, Brenton is an entrepreneur with experience inducing product innovation and development. He is a keen hands-on motivator and a believer in partnerships.