Glenn Goldstein

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Glenn Goldstein

SVP and Chief Technology Convergence Officer


Glenn is responsible for video streaming and broadcast playout platform product development, enterprise architecture, and VR/AR innovation labs at Viacom where the team has built cutting edge experiences using volumetric video and mixed reality headsets. He has focused on video and advertising technologies, working with linear and digital product, engineering, and content operations teams to address challenges presented by the convergence of Internet and television technologies and content distribution models. Working with the MTV digital team, Glenn drove Viacom to be an innovator in adaptive bitrate streaming technologies in our early forays into HD streaming of concert performances. Prior to joining Viacom, Glenn had years of experience in software development and management, with a focus on imaging and digital asset management. In positions with Kodak, Leaf Systems, and the Associated Press, he was a leader in the development and deployment of the first generation of newsroom digital wire photo systems, a key step in the newspaper industry’s transition from film to digital photography. He led the software and firmware engineering teams that created the world’s first digital camera back and pioneered high dynamic range (HDR) digital photography.
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