Working Group Project Updates

Project Updates

Last update: Sep 16, 2019 @ 4:26 am


The Advertising working group has a new co-chair, Chris Hock of Adobe. After an informative call to follow up on outstanding action items and discuss the next steps for the PoC, the group was able to cross out multiple actions that had already been completed and create a few new ones to help them continue towards their end goals. The main action item now is for the group to begin pushing the player companies to integrate SDK into their players. Additionally, Diane Strutner recently introduced the group to Splunk, which is helpful for this PoC because when you feed an HLS player stream into Splunk you will get the metrics. Splunk can also be used for CDN log data and QoE.

Edge Storage

Edge Storage is currently working on a use case document that defines the likely scenarios for deploying caching inside the home.


Geo is currently identifying challenges faced by streaming companies with respect to geo-fencing, geo-location, and other geo-related functions. They are hoping to categorize these challenges into use cases and publish the document later in 2019. The group will derive a project from that document. Their last document, “Geo for IPv6,” is currently with the members in the final stage of ratification.

Live Streaming

The Live Streaming group continues to wrap up their Low Latency document. Last month, they set deadlines for final edits/feedback to the document, and they received a lot of contributions. Now that the deadline has passed, they are working towards seamlessly incorporating those contributions into the document. One of the bigger contributions came from Hellastorm/Streaming Global, who added a section on Direct to Edge (D2E) Streaming, a concept created between their partnership. They are currently working on refining their contribution. Since D2E streaming is a newer concept within the industry, this sparked a discussion amongst the group about the WebRTC portions of the document (which is also a newer concept). Since the group extensively discussed WebRTC, to make it fair to D2E streaming, they decided that they will review the parts about WebRTC and slim them down, in order to keep the document consistent.


The Measurement/QoE working group is continuing their work on the End-to-End Workflow Monitoring document. Their most recent call was a fruitful discussion based around some recent edits to the 'SDI' section. With each call the group makes more progress on the document, but they are still in need of contributions to some sections, such as the 'Encode' and 'Transcode' sections, to name a couple.

Network & Transport

The Networking and Transport group is discussing two options for their next project: Multicast/QUIC and DoH. There seems to be a lot of interest within the group around beginning a PoC based on QUIC. The next step is to think of something to evaluate QUIC against, which is what the group is currently brainstorming.

Open Caching

The two main topics for the Open Caching working group this past month have been Capacity Insight and the Client Testbed discussion. For Capacity Insight, as promised, Eric Klein wrote up a proposal with a few open items that resulted in a fruitful discussion within the group. They are still working to refine this topic and figure out what goals they are specifically driving towards. The group spent their next call discussing the Client Testbed, which resulted in coming up with the next step of running the test bed and maintaining a scoreboard for different clients. Anyone who is interested in assisting with this is welcome.

Privacy & Protection

The Privacy and Protection working group had a big discussion around hardware vs. software this past month. Since this is a huge debate within the industry, the group spent a lot of time discussing what stance they wanted to take on this subject in the document. With discussions such as this one on each call, the content getting added to the document is thoroughly reviewed in order to create a well-rounded best practices document.

Virtual Reality

Last month, PJ Lynch and Sanjay Mishra proposed a plan to perform a 'Phase 0' of the PoC which was to be based on a live platform rather than an open caching platform. After much deliberation, the group decided to omit 'Phase 0' and instead focus on the primary use case originally proposed. They may decide to revisit 'Phase 0' later on, but for now they continue to gather content for the original use case. They were able to get some content for the 360-degree video latency streaming PoC from the Air Force (provided by PJ Lynch of Hellastorm) and, in addition to that, are in the process of getting content from Warner Bros

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