Working Group Project Updates

Project Updates

Last update: Feb 5, 2020 @ 11:12 pm

Document Status

The table below provides a status of all current documents being developed by Streaming Video Alliance working groups.

NameTypeStatusLearn More
Best Practices for Reducing Live Streaming LatencyDocumentEditingClick here
Best Practices For End-to-End Workflow MonitoringDocumentFinal Group ReviewClick here
Best Practices for Securing Live StreamsDocumentDraftingClick here
Open Caching Relayed Token AuthenticationDocumentMember Ratification (Phase 1)Click here
Open Caching Request Routing Functional Specification (Version 1.1)DocumentMember Ratification (Phase 1)Click here
Open Caching Performance Measurement SpecificationDocumentWaiting to be sent to Member RatificationClick here
Optimizing 360-Degree Video Stream LatencyProof-of-ConceptCoordinating initial testing

Working Group Status

Below are the most recent updates from the Working Groups. These are updated at the end of each month to reflect the previous month’s activity.


The Advertising working group continues to close out action items and work towards completion of their PoC. While the group is focusing on completing the PoC, they are discussing two new work items as well, SCTE 35 and SSAI and Invalid Traffic Avoidance.

Edge Storage

Edge Storage is currently working on a use case document that defines the likely scenarios for deploying caching inside the home.


Geo is currently identifying challenges faced by streaming companies with respect to geo-fencing, geo-location, and other geo-related functions. They are hoping to categorize these challenges into use cases and publish the document later in 2019. The group will derive a project from that document. Their last document, “Geo for IPv6,” is currently with the members in the final stage of ratification.

Live Streaming

While the Live Streaming working group waits for their Low Latency document to be edited, they have put out a poll to gauge interest in a few different scaling projects as well as to get approval on the proposed scaling outline. At the upcoming face to face meeting in San Diego, the group is excited to thoroughly discuss the plan for the PoC and create a project plan based off of the proposed outline.


The Metadata working group had their very first call on Wednesday, January 29, 2020. The group discussed their goals for the group and went through any specific pain points people face under the topic of metadata. The goal of the group is to analyze the current workflow and identify any shortcomings, from there they will review existing standards and identify any enhancements and priorities, then propose an enhancement specification and best practices document.


The QoE working group is currently waiting for their End-to-End Workflow Monitoring document to complete the editing process. In the meantime, they are planning to discuss the CTA 2066 document as well as a common client data header (which is data that gives hints to the CDN about how their client is doing). The End-to-End Monitoring Best Practices document has been edited and finalized and is awaiting group approval before moving into the ratification process.

Network & Transport

The Networking and Transport working group recently put out a poll to gauge the interest in their 5G and Edge in streaming video project. In addition to that, they are planning to discuss a few different topics at the upcoming face to face in San Diego including, Edge Computing FPGA, the MOPS WG in the IETF, and Multicast in different environments.

Open Caching

The Open Caching working group has begun discussion on the SVA Labs initiative. Their plan is to figure out which two APIs would be the best to begin with, then at the upcoming face to face meeting in San Deigo they will start the SVA Labs project with more of a brainstorming/ discussion style session rather than a presentation style session. In addition, three Open Caching documents are currently in the ratification process: Request Routing Specification (expanded to cover the Manifest Rewrite routing scheme), URI Tokenization, and Open Caching Performance Measurement.

Privacy & Protection

The Privacy and Protection working group continues their work on their Streaming Security document. The section that currently needs the most contribution is the best practices/ recommendations section, and they plan to discuss this at the upcoming face to face meeting. Their goal is to have the document completed in February, and to have it published by Q2.

Virtual Reality

The VR working group continues working on their PoC. While Sanjay Mishra sets up the equipment, Brian Stevenson continues the search for content to use. Once Sanjay completes the equipment setup, they plan to begin testing with the Air Force content received. While this is happening, they will continue to look for more content to test.

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