Working Group Project Updates

Project Updates

Last update: Dec 17, 2019 @ 5:14 pm


The Advertising working group continues to get closer and closer to completing their PoC. With only just a few outstanding action items, the group has announced who will be leading the production of the specification document for the PoC, Nice People at Work. They will not be able to do it alone, so they are recruiting volunteers to contribute to the document once they begin writing it. In addition to this, the Advertising group proposed two new work items at the F2F; SCTE35 as well as SSAI and invalid traffic avoidance, which they are currently gauging what level of interest the group has to pursue each one.

Edge Storage

Edge Storage is currently working on a use case document that defines the likely scenarios for deploying caching inside the home.


Geo is currently identifying challenges faced by streaming companies with respect to geo-fencing, geo-location, and other geo-related functions. They are hoping to categorize these challenges into use cases and publish the document later in 2019. The group will derive a project from that document. Their last document, “Geo for IPv6,” is currently with the members in the final stage of ratification.

Live Streaming

At the F2F meeting earlier in the month, two new co-chairs were announced for the Live Streaming working group, Claire Southey of Amazon and Patrick Gendron of Harmonic. They will join Steve Miller Jones of Limelight in leading the group. Now that the Low Latency document is in the final editing stages, the group is now pursuing a PoC project based around scaling that was presented at the F2F. The project garnered interest from multiple different companies, so now the main goal is to get those who are interested in the project to join the calls so they can create a project plan.


The Metadata working group is kicking off its first project. Streaming services are receiving content from a variety of studios, which might use CableLabs,
MovieLabs, or customized specifications to describe the content. This creates complexity and operational overhead for streaming services, requiring them to normalize different metadata specifications. In addition, they might want to include additional metadata to improve the streaming experience. This requires to add enhancements to different specifications, and to work and coordinate between multiple parties. This group will identify the current challenges, propose enhancements and best practices to reduce the ingest complexity across studios, and recommend additional metadata to improve
the streaming experience.


After receiving a good amount of valuable feedback on their End to End Monitoring Document at the F2F, the group is discussing the feedback, making the final edits, and writing the conclusion. They plan to push the document into the next stage of editing by the end of the year.

Network & Transport

After many valuable discussions and presentations at the F2F meeting, the Networking and Transport group has decided to further the discussion of 5G and Edge and how it relates to streaming media. The chairs have proposed a position paper on the project, which seems to have garnered interest from many companies.

Open Caching

Following the F2F meeting, the Open Caching group began reviewing the current APIs that have been defined (Request Routing and Service Provisioning), as well as the current specifications in progress (Tokenization Requirements and Capacity Insights). The question is that they may want to revise these specs in order to include API adoption. In addition, the group continues to push forward their Capacity Insight specification by getting as much feedback as possible and closing the loop on open questions. Now that many open questions are mostly resolved, the next step will be to begin writing the spec, given the feedback that has been received thus far.

Privacy & Protection

The Privacy and Protection working group continue their work on their Securing Streaming Video document. In the new year, the group decided on a new day/time for the calls, in the hopes that more people will be able to join the calls and they can further push the document forward. The new call day/time is bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 7am PST.

Virtual Reality

While the VR working group waits to receive more content for their PoC, they decided that since all the equipment is set up ready to go, in the meantime they will begin the tests with the content from the Air Force provided by Hellastorm. In addition to getting this started, Brian suggested that the group may be interested in getting involved with the Networking and Transport group's project on 5G and Edge.

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