5G and Edge Cloud for Streaming Video

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January 1, 2020

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May 31, 2020
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Problem Statement

5G and edge cloud technologies have the potential to provide a massive shift in how entertainment content is delivered and consumed. Rights holders are unaware of the advantages 5G brings, while 5G service providers have very limited understanding of the video cloud opportunity. In order to maximize the opportunities that 5G could provide streaming video and other entertainment content, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the use cases and how the technology can be applied to improve the delivery and viewer experience.

Project Description

Both 5G and edge cloud have the opportunity to significantly alter the streaming video experience. 5G can provide the massive bandwidth capacity and throughput that has not been available to date on mobile networks, while edge cloud can ensure ultra low latencies which will drive new forms of highly personalized, immersive interactive entertainment. As mobile video consumption continues to grow, 5G will bring entertainment out of the home and truly democratize access to content. On the network side, massive improvements in Quality-of-Service and Quality-of-Experience through dedicated network slicing will drive a true broadcast experience. This document is intended to provide a market and technology overview of 5G and Edge Compute, specifically as it pertains to streaming video, as well as recommendations for how both rights holders and service providers can take advantage of these new technologies.

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Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of this project include:
  • To document a summary of 5G and Edge technologies as they relate to video streaming and home entertainment.
  • To provide some speculation on future developments of these technologies.
  • To help content owners and network operators understand the use cases of 5G and Edge technologies as they relate to streaming video.
  • To document possible solutions to technical challenges in deploying and scaling 5G and Edge solutions.
  • To provide some guidelines and best practices for enhancing video streaming and home entertainment leveraging 5G and Edge technologies.
  • To document some of the economic, social implications, problems, advantages, disadvantages, benefits, or applications that will be relevant in the near future.

Project Scope

The document produced by this project WILL PROVIDE:
  • A basic overview of the 5G market and trends including the state of maturity of 5G and expansion plans planned by global operators.
  • Detailed explanation of 5G technology and enhanced 5G features that are applicable to streaming.
  • Comparison of 5G for video streaming with current 4G/LTE and broadband technologies.
  • Identification of the benefits 5G and Edge Compute can provide for streaming content delivery and associated issues.
  • Examination of the Edge in context and how it is defined in the framework of the video cloud.
  • Examination of the state and maturity of Edge technologies as well as Edge architecture, technology, and potential benefits for streaming media deployment.
  • Exploration into possible streaming applications that make sense to run at the edge as well as the benefits gained and the potential drawbacks.
  • Exploration into streaming specific use cases that may be relevant to, or benefit from, 5G or the Edge. Some of these use cases might include content caching, content distribution, video analytics, video security, XR, spatial computing, and cloud gaming.
  • The advantages of 5G and Edge technologies to the viewing experience.
  • Identification and examination of issues related to scaling and cost/benefits.
The document produced by this project WILL NOTE PROVIDE:
  • A recommendation of specific technologies to enable 5G or Edge Compute
  • A recommendation of network architectures or other technological frameworks


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Additional References

The following references can help you gain a preliminary understanding of 5G, Edge Compute, and some of the market forces:


The following presentations delivered during Networking and Transport working group sessions may provide additional information about this project.

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