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June 1, 2020

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January 1, 2022
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Problem Statement

The interchange of content delivery configuration metadata between the various entities in the delivery ecosystem is essential for efficient interoperability. The need for an industry-standard API and metadata model becomes increasingly important as content and service providers automate more of their operations, and as technologies such as open caching require coordination of content delivery configurations. A single, unifying method to manage configurations across all delivery providers can not only mitigate potential errors but also reduce the required time to deploy configurations to multiple networks.

Project Description

The project has focused on gathering and analyzing use cases and requirements from each of the types of participants in CDN and Open Caching Configuration Management. This covers the perspectives of Content Providers, CDNs, ISPs, and Open Caching technology providers. The effort has focused on extending the IETF CDNi metadata model to cover real-world use cases in the CDN and Open Caching ecosystem, as well as defining a simple API  for basic configuration publishing and an advanced API that addresses the full life cycle of CDN configuration management (versioning, promotion across environments, configuration sharing, etc…).

Current Document

Configuration Interface API

This project will provide a document that defines an API which can be used to deploy and manage caching configurations across different CDN providers and Open Caching Nodes.

Project Type

Code and Document

Project Leads

Goals and Objectives

This project has the following goals and objectives:
  • To define an API specification that provides for the deployment and management of cache configurations across multiple CDN providers and Open Caching Nodes.

Project Scope

The API specification produced by this project will PROVIDE:
  • A list of supported cache configuration features
  • Description of a programmatic method by which to deploy configurations to different caching systems
  • Programmatic methods for error detection and error correction in configuration deployment
  • A data structure and recommended container for configuration representation
The API specification will NOT PROVIDE:
  • Any specific programming languages that should be used to extract metrics
  • Any support for configuration features not specifically listed and addressed by methods within the API


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Additional References


The following presentations delivered during Open Caching working group sessions may provide additional information about this project.

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