Open Caching Performance Measurement Specification

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March 1, 2019

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March 1, 2020
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Problem Statement

Performance measurement is a critical component of ensuring delivery components, like caches, run optimally. When initially developed, the Open Caching specifications did not include metrics which Open Caching Nodes (OCN) could make available to video distributors wishing to measure their OCN performance.

Project Description

Measuring delivery performance, especially at the cache, is critical to enabling operations personnel to make informed decisions about content delivery such as which delivery networks to utilize for which content and when to take caches out of service. But that requires that all caches within the delivery infrastructure provide the requisite data to determine performance. In the initial specification, the Open Caching Nodes did not include metrics to determine individual node performance. The document produced from this project identifies those metrics and a means by which they can be retrieved directly from the OCN.

Current Document

Open Caching Performance Measurement Specification

This project will provide a document that provides details on performance metrics available from Open Caching Nodes and the mechanism by which those metrics can be retrieved.

Project Type


Project Leads

Goals and Objectives

This project has the following goals and objectives:
  • To produce a document which outlines metrics to measure the performance of Open Caching Nodes
  • To describe the mechanisms by which the metrics can be obtained from an Open Caching Node

Project Scope

The document produced by this project will PROVIDE:
  • A list of performance metrics available from an Open Caching Node accessible by the methods explained in the document
The document will NOT PROVIDE:
  • Any recommendation on the method of retrieving the metrics
  • Any specific programming languages that should be used to extract metrics
  • Any thresholds of measurements related to the individual metrics


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