Streaming Video Alliance Projects

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Current Projects

Below are the current projects underway in the various Streaming Video Alliance working groups. Click on a project to learn more. If you aren’t a member but want to get involved, join today!

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Project State

Working Group

Project Status



Stage 1. Member comment window. 30 days for members to review the document and vote to progress it forward.

Stage 2. Board review. 30 days for the board to review, provide feedback, and vote to move forward.

Stage 3. Member ratification. Final member vote to approve the document, as is, for publication.

Networking and Transport

5G and Edge Cloud for Streaming Video

This project will produce a document which explores the use cases for 5G and Edge Compute and streaming video, how…



Best Practices for End-to-End Workflow Monitoring


Open Caching

Capacity Footprint API

One of the core challenges in Open Caching is to understand when and where to delegate requests. Building on the…


Open Caching

Configuration Integration API

This project will provide a document that defines an API which can be used to deploy and manage caching configurations…



End-to-End Ad Monitoring

This proof-of-concept project is intended to demonstrate how to create a holistic view of the delivery and consumption of ads…


Edge Storage

Home Storage Open Caching Node

This project will produce functional and interface specifications for interoperability so that the Home Storage Open Caching Node (HS-OCN) can…


Industry Glossary


Live Streaming

Measuring Latency in ABR Streaming

This project will test the recommendations made in the document, Best Practices for Reducing Live Streaming Latency, and publish the…



Metadata Landscape

The metadata ingest landscape is complex with different definitions, standards, and actors. It is challenging to get an overview when…


Open Caching

Open Caching Capacity Interface

This project will provide a document that defines an API which can be used to enable the programmatic retrieval of…


Open Caching

Open Caching Performance Measurement Specification

This project will provide a document that provides details on performance metrics available from Open Caching Nodes and the mechanism…


Open Caching

Open Caching Relayed Token Authentication

This project will provide a document that explains how URL Tokenization can be accomplished within the Open Caching framework.


Open Caching

Open Caching Request Routing Functional Specification (Version 2.0)

This project will provide an updated Request Routing Functional Specification document to address the Manifest Rewrite method.

Stage 1

Virtual Reality/360-Degree Video

Recommendations for Mitigating Latency in Streaming VR Video Delivery Workflows

This project is a combination of PoC and document. The PoC will seek to first measure and then, through optimization…


Live Streaming

Scaling for Live Event Distribution

Successfully scaling live streaming events is challenging and involves consideration of multiple components within the video streaming workflow. This project…


Privacy and Protection

Securing Streaming Video

This project is intended to develop a document which provides a clear picture of the available technologies and solutions to…

Stage 2

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