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Request To Contribute in Public Comment Window

The Streaming Video Alliance has opened a public comment window for non-member companies to provide comments during the initial stage of document ratification. If you are interested in participating in these comment windows, please fill out the form below and a Streaming Video Alliance representative will get back to you. Note that this application process is for the company, not the individual. By filling out the form and requesting permission to participate, you are doing so on behalf of your company and should have the authority to do so. If approved, you will be required to digitally sign a Confidentiality and Feedback Agreement. But once you have been approved and signed the required documents, you will be able to participate in all future public comment windows. You should also note that just because you provide comments does not obligate the Streaming Video Alliance or the working group that produced the document to incorporate them. No attribution will be provided.

Note: you are indicating interest in making public comments as a representative of your company, not you as an individual.
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Note: personal email addresses will not be accepted.

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