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Why Did Adobe Join the Streaming Video Alliance?

As a leading provider of Customer Experience Management solutions, Adobe works with the largest media & entertainment organizations across the world, enabling them to deliver the best streaming experiences, maximize their advertising and subscription revenue. In this role, we see the challenges, first-hand, that streaming services face in delivering the best viewing experiences, optimizing revenue from that viewing, and trying to reach as many devices—and viewers—as possible.  We thought the Alliance’s focus on improving streaming experiences for viewers by giving organizations from across the video ecosystem a forum to work together, build best practices and specifications that ensure a more consistent end-user experience was aligned with our vision. The Alliance provides Adobe a platform to meet, ideate and build thought leadership with like-minded Industry leaders on best practices to improve streaming experiences for the viewers.

What Do You Believe is the Biggest Technical Challenge Facing the Streaming Video Industry the Alliance Can Help Address?

Widespread availability of online video content, instigated by factors like ubiquitous high-speed data connectivity, hyper-connected devices and living room experiences – are all playing their part in the explosion of video content consumption online. As consumption online is enabling the move from Linear TV to CTV, new requirements are emerging – the transition of traditional broadcast workflows to IP based cloud-infrastructure, the effective delivery of personalized streams and ads at low latencies over scalable non-homogenous infrastructures, the ability to monitor & correct quality of service and eventually improve the end user’s viewing experience.   With the growth in online consumption, the connected consumers’ expectation is also maturing, however, their experience is still lagging.  As consumers move from Linear TV to streaming platforms, they expect a seamless & high-quality ad viewing experience – showing non-relevant ads (42% of users feel that ads they view are irrelevant) or repeating the same ad over and over (73% users dislike repetitive ads) may accelerate tune-out. Another challenge with the ad viewing experience is the ad format and / or ad payload which should be adaptable to the viewer preference.   Digital advertising is undergoing a massive transformation. Data driven advertising in on the rise helping publishers enable advertisers drive better business outcomes. Advertisers want to be able to use their first party data in targeting viewers, a consistent measurement paradigm across all TV viewing platforms, and the ability to ascertain the efficacy of their ad spend and how that impacts the business outcome. This is often a challenge, because delivery of a single ad in the streaming industry can touch up to eight different video partners within the ad tech value chain, introducing complexities not limited to – errors in delivery, siloed data that is difficult to streamline, non-relevant ads and violation of frequency capping rules.   The streaming platforms have to balance their need to generate ad revenue against creating a great viewer experience for their end users. They have to maximize the ROI for the advertiser enabling them with a better ad targeting experience, and finally maximizing their monetization opportunities by selling their Ad inventory in the most effective manner.   All these are industry challenges that need a collaborative effort and ones that the Alliance can and has been helping address.

How Does an Organization Like the Streaming Video Alliance Bring Value to the Industry?

Several companies and technologies are often involved in delivering streaming TV services to consumers. The Alliance provides a forum for those companies to discuss and solve interoperability challenges. The Alliance brings value to the industry by giving some of the brightest minds in the video ecosystem a place to work together and build best practices/specifications that ensure a better, more consistent end-user experience and drive the overall adoption of streaming.

Chris Hock

Head of Business Strategy and Development, Media & Entertainment


Adobe’s mission to “change the world through digital experiences” has never been more relevant—or essential. Over the years, Adobe has been helping leading Media & Entertainment companies deliver seamless streaming experiences across Direct-to-consumer (D2C) and TV Everywhere (TVE) apps as well as TV-quality, targeted ad experiences at scale.


Adobe’s digital experience management solutions enable customers effectively use their audience data to create actionable & intelligent customer profiles, enrich their first-party data & derive deeper insights with Adobe’s proprietary AI/ML models, personalize real-time end user experiences and finally enforce robust data governance, security, and privacy controls, all of which helps them deliver next-gen viewing experiences for their end users.

Making Streaming Video Better

The Streaming Video Alliance is committed to bringing video streaming companies together to help build a better viewer experience at scale.

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