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Why Did allt Join the Streaming Video Alliance?

The Alliance creates opportunities for technical minds to meet, collaborate and solve the many challenges facing the rapidly evolving streaming ecosystem. As a startup with a technical product joining the alliance and participating in the working groups began as a great learning resource and has evolved into an opportunity to work with the major players on projects that matter to us. At allt we use metadata to enhance viewer experiences while also providing content protection so being able to participate in a working group focused on Metadata and its role in the workflow has, and will continue to be a fantastic opportunity. We also believe the Alliance’s approach to neutrality is the only way forward for the industry now the major players have built up such large silos around their content. Cross platform integrations have always helped the industry and will be of increasing importance as the silos are fortified and it will only happen because of organisations like the Alliance.

What Do You Believe is the Biggest Technical Challenge Facing the Streaming Video Industry the Alliance Can Help Address?

The silo effect has resulted in too many options and systems, all creating their own sets of identifiers and data as content moves through the workflow. This makes content difficult to access for the advertisers, agencies and brands that work across the platforms and delivers inconsistent viewer experiences. A consistent use and flow of data not just within the silos but across the industry will have myriad benefits by lowering costs, enhancing QoE, measurement, engagement and monetization while for viewers they will have much richer experiences and easier content discovery journeys.

How Does an Organization Like the Streaming Video Alliance Bring Value to the Industry?

Throughout the 100+ year history of the entertainment industry the major players have benefited when they worked together on solving the technical challenges of content creation and distribution; the countless standards that have helped streamline the delivery of content to viewers screens are testament to that. In an age where pundits speak of a ‘streaming war’ the Alliance provides a neutral space for the players to get out of the trenches and continue this tradition of collaboration. Via the working groups, papers and POCs companies are able to share their insights and solve problems together.

Dave Glasson

CEO and Co-Founder


Not just another 2nd screen app,’s player extension turns every app into a 2nd screen app and every smart device into an interactive part of the story. Using existing metadata as a starting point allt connects what we're streaming on our TVs to the external social networks, marketplaces and websites we visit when we engage on our phones, giving viewers the ability to engage on any app with the press of a button. Acting as a firewall around content allt is the tool that lets content owners take control of these connections, benefiting from the interactions and monetizing them where possible. In a connected world, we believe it's time content owners took control of how their content connects to the world.

Making Streaming Video Better

The Streaming Video Alliance is committed to bringing video streaming companies together to help build a better viewer experience at scale.

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