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Why Did Datazoom Join the Streaming Video Alliance?

As a product technology company, we provide a platform that enables online broadcast and streaming media teams to operate best-of-breed systems while supporting the operations and business processes that leverage data to grow the business of video. Our belief is to level the playing field and help companies of all sizes build profitable businesses distributing video content over the internet. The Streaming Video Alliance leads the industry in educating the streaming video industry on critical technical challenges involved with delivering broadcast-like experiences to any device, to any person, at any time, anywhere in the world. We strongly support this mission and educate the industry on the challenges faced today and work together for solutions. We joined the Alliance because we want to collaborate on, and in some cases lead, initiatives with some of the largest technology vendors and content publishers to help ideate, test, and develop solutions that are relevant to our work in video data. At the Alliance we are able to have a seat at the table and have our voice heard on issues that are key and important to us. We believe the Alliance and its members are leading the way to solve important technical challenges that ultimately benefit viewers in helping to provide the best experience possible for streaming content.

What Do You Believe is the Biggest Technical Challenge Facing the Streaming Video Industry the Alliance Can Help Address?

The biggest challenge today that the Alliance can help address is to remove the frustration that operations, product, marketing and business face and other decision-makers face by the walled gardens of information they’re forced to operate in. Their patchwork of single platform tools creates scattered data across their video stack, failing to generate proper insights that drive actions or business outcomes. We’re all living with a black box of information without any context or visibility.

How Does an Organization Like the Streaming Video Alliance Bring Value to the Industry?

An organization such as the Alliance brings extreme value to the industry by creating a vendor-neutral ecosystem with the mission to improve the industry together. Businesses operate best when all stakeholders are on the same page and it is particularly within the streaming video industry, where many solutions must continuously integrate and work together to deliver a high-quality experience for the viewer. We believe there’s tremendous benefit to the creation and adoption of standard suggestions, and creating open frameworks and best practices that encourage better interoperability and cohesion within the end-to-end workflow.

Diane Strutner



Datazoom is a technology company that standardizes data for video teams and their technology partners. Through an ecosystem of real-time data collection software and routing services, the Datazoom Video Data Platform offers flexibility and transparency in data collection so that operations, engineering, product and business decisions can be made with confidence. Companies that drive revenue with video, like Crown Media and ABS-CBN use Datazoom to democratize insight, decrease inefficiencies, and deliver captivating end-user experiences. Unlock the black box at

Making Streaming Video Better

The Streaming Video Alliance is committed to bringing video streaming companies together to help build a better viewer experience at scale.

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