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Why Did FriendMTS Join the Streaming Video Alliance?

As leading content protection specialists, at Friend MTS we are acutely aware that the streaming piracy problem can only be solved with close cooperation within the complex entertainment media ecosystem that includes content service providers, platform operators and vendors. This cooperation starts with the realisation of the scale of the commercial piracy problem, causing a huge revenue loss for the legitimate content owners and operators, and leads to the concerted action to fight this menace. Friend MTS joined Streaming Video Alliance to be able to collaborate with the industry leading players and share our technical content protection expertise in the work of the Alliance aimed at setting streaming industry standards and promoting best practices to ensure premium content is protected from theft.

What Do You Believe is the Biggest Technical Challenge Facing the Streaming Video Industry the Alliance Can Help Address?

With the rise of the quality of online streaming, illegal re-streaming by content thieves that monetise stolen content via their own illicit subscription services is one of the problems that the industry faces. One of the challenges, when tackling this problem, is implementing various technical solutions that work well together to ensure digital content distributed via OTT is fully protected while the quality of experience is not impeded with the most wide scale deliveries. We believe, alongside a robust DRM solution, a Client-Composited watermarking with subscriber-level information in the payload needs to be implemented to protect a streaming solution. Streaming Video Alliance provides the very much needed coordination and collaboration to align different technologies for the maximum content security.

How Does an Organization Like the Streaming Video Alliance Bring Value to the Industry?

Streaming Video Alliance brings together the best engineering minds in the industry for bringing forward front line technical solutions to generate synergies and productive debate and to implement best practices and standards for the benefit of the security of the whole OTT ecosystem.

Alan Ogilvie

Lead Product Manager


Friend MTS, a leading global provider of content protection services, is dedicated to innovation in platform security in the anti-piracy space in entertainment media. With advanced, proprietary digital security technologies developed to detect, deter and disrupt piracy on broadcast and streaming platforms, Friend MTS enables pay-TV operators, rights holders and broadcasters to protect premium live channels, events and on-demand entertainment programming from illegal redistribution. From fingerprinting and watermarking to advanced subscriber identification, Friend MTS delivers highly-effective solutions to combat content theft and safeguard revenue worldwide.

Making Streaming Video Better

The Streaming Video Alliance is committed to bringing video streaming companies together to help build a better viewer experience at scale.

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