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Why Did Synamedia Join the Streaming Video Alliance?

As the largest independent video software provider in the world, Synamedia is constantly looking to push the boundaries to help our customers drive successful video businesses. As part of our work we not only develop new ideas and solutions, but collaborate with industry experts to share ideas and encourage collective thinking and innovation. Our membership with the Alliance ensures we are sat at the table with like-minded industry executives and specialists to lead and contribute to forward-thinking conversations.

What Do You Believe is the Biggest Technical Challenge Facing the Streaming Video Industry the Alliance Can Help Address?

Content is king. Securing that content and delivering it in high quality while using less bandwidth is what our customers ask of us. Although the Alliance’s focus is not purely around piracy, many of our peers within the group are involved in helping to solve the streaming piracy challenge we face in today’s heavily on-demand consumption environment. The ability to have both formal and informal discussions within the group helps ensure we are all as well-informed as possible when it comes to developing solutions.

How Does an Organization Like the Streaming Video Alliance Bring Value to the Industry?

Having a dedicated group bring together the best thought leaders in our market is invaluable. We greatly value the input and expertise we are surrounded by as part of our work with the Alliance members. Furthermore, given the breadth of products, services and challenges in our industry, it’s great to be part of a group whose focus is very much aligned with that of Synamedia’s: making streaming video better so that service and content providers can win in the age of Infinite Entertainment.

James Clark

Director, Global Security Business Development


Synamedia helps PayTV operators, telcos, and media companies change the way they deliver, protect and monetize their content. As the largest global provider of video solutions, Synamedia is ready to help businesses of all sizes transform the content experiences they deliver by bringing Infinite Entertainment to their customers.

Making Streaming Video Better

The Streaming Video Alliance is committed to bringing video streaming companies together to help build a better viewer experience at scale.

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