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Although many in the streaming video industry would say that “we have VOD figured out,” live linear streaming is a completely different animal. Plagued by a host of challenges ranging from scaling, to ad insertion, to “time behind live,” to multi-platform distribution, content providers are feverishly trying to provide a solution for their viewers that either closely mimics traditional broadcast or, in some ways, even exceeds it. And in many cases, this may require interface with traditional broadcast standards such as SCTE which have never been applied to a streaming environment. In this working group, participating members work to tackle those challenges with specifications and best practices that address how to provide a high-quality live stream to a global audience.


The Streaming Video Alliance Live Streaming Working Group has the following objectives: to define and propose industry best practices that address the technical challenges impeding the adoption and implement of Adaptive Streaming of live content; leverage existing protocols and/or functionalities in building solutions for a host of topics including source-to-consumer latency, efficient and effective methods for large audience distribution, and interoperability standards and PoC implementations for OTA/OTT simulcast experiences; to collaborate with other working groups, like Open Caching and Network and Transport, to ensure alignment with technical activities.


This working group does not currently have any publications.


Steve Miller-Jones

Steve is currently the Vice President of Product Strategy at Limelight Networks

Claire Southey

Claire is currently a Principal Specialist SA at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Patrick Gendron

Patrick is currently the Director of Innovation at Harmonic.

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