Geo (Networking and Transport Sub-Group)


Unlike traditional linear television, online video streaming provides a unique opportunity for content owners and distributors to know specific details about the location of their audiences, which is especially relevant as users consume more video from mobile devices. Unfortunately, technology and video streaming service providers have little guidance on how to expose and ultimately leverage this kind of location-based or geographic information. In this working group, participating members are focused on identifying how geo data should be captured and used while providing guidance on the implementation of geo-related services in online video streaming.


The Streaming Video Alliance Geo Working Group has four primary objectives. First, to identify specifications for local market ad insertion; second, to identify geographical streaming permissions and restrictions; third, to define content-provider regional licensing models; and fourth, to improve IPv6 geo-location.



Ben Jones

Ben is currently a sales engineer at Neustar.

Jason Lee

Jason is currently the Director, Client Services at Digital Envoy.

Participating Companies

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