Open Caching Working Group

Open Caching


As the amount of online video increases, ISPs face a challenge—the burdening of their networks with a growing amount of Internet-sourced traffic such as online video. But what if the ISP could pull video content from local cache? In this working group, participating members focus on helping ISPs solve this traffic problem by establishing the underlying technical and functional requirements for implementing an in-network, open caching system.


The Streaming Video Alliance Open Caching Working Group has two objectives. First, to identify the critical components of a non-proprietary caching system; and second, to establish basic architectural guidelines for implementation of an open caching system.



Yoav Gressel

Yoav is currently the Vice President of Research and Development at Qwilt.

Eric Klein

Eric is currently Media Delivery (Content Delivery Networks) at Disney Streaming Services (Disney+, ESPN+)

Participating Companies

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