Ad Insertion and Audience Measurement


To create best practices for audience measurement and ad insertion in streaming video content.


As the television viewing experience transitions from traditional linear broadcast to online streaming video, it is critical for content owners and distributors to migrate elements of their existing business models (like ad insertion and audience measurement) to the new method of delivery. How should distributors insert ads when consumers are watching video on mobile devices? What is the best way to implement ad parity between broadcast and online? How do you measure audience engagement when consumers move between devices? In this working group, participating members work to answer those questions by translating critical functional elements from broadcast to online, and establishing clear best practices for how the resulting technology can be implemented.


The Streaming Video Alliance Ad Insertion and Audience Measurement Working Group has two objectives. First, to define and develop best practices around the measurement of viewing audiences and viewer engagement; second, to define and develop best practices around the integration and operational processes for ad-supported streaming services in both on-demand and live streaming.