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Traditional linear broadcast has established a set of consumer expectations around watching video that have not translated well to online streaming. Consumers want a “broadcast quality” experience regardless if they watch on their television or their mobile phone. But what metrics do video distributors need to gather and measure? What data will identify problems with online streaming and offer opportunities to fix underlying issues? And how do distributors implement the mechanism to capture that information? In this working group, participating members focus on answering these questions by providing a framework for the collection, analysis, and reporting of measurement/QoE metrics.

To create best practices and specifications in viewer Quality of Experience and other measurements in streaming video



The Streaming Video Alliance Measurement/Quality of Experience (QoE) Working Group has three objectives. First, to identify streaming video metrics to gather; second, to establish guidelines on how to calculate those metrics; and third, to create best practices on implementing a system to capture QoE and other measurement data.

Quality of Experience: Key Network Delivery Metrics

The QoE WG produced documents on QoE-related Events and Metrics. These documents were used as input into CTA R04 WG20 Streaming Media QoE Working Group.

Quality Of Experience: Key Network Delivery Metrics (1532 downloads)


The following are companies involved in the Measurement/QoE Working Group.

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