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As online streaming video grows in popularity, increasing audience sizes will put more demands on network operators and content distributors. Massive live events and popular VOD content will require more capacity, better resiliency, and heightened operations. This content may also require potentially different delivery approaches (IP Multicast, UDP vs. TCP, and LTE broadcast) to provide the Quality of Experience (QoE) that viewers want. And such scaling must happen transparently, leveraging resources behind the scenes in a cost-effective manner. In this working group, participating members focus on solving the challenges of the best broadcast approach, event planning, and implementation of the scale required to support rapidly increasing audience sizes.

To create best practices for scaling capacity and operations to support high quality streaming for live events and extremely popular VOD content.



The Streaming Video Alliance Networking and Transport Working Group has three objectives. First, to identify the characteristics of audience growth that would require rapid scaling; second, to establish architecture guidelines for implementing elastic capacity; and third, to compare and recommend the ideal broadcast methods for streaming to large audiences.

This Working Group does not currently have any published documents.



The following are companies involved in the Networking and Transport Working Group.

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