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Note: Edge Storage is a subgroup of the Open Caching Working Group.



Since most of the video traffic in the internet is streamed from cache storage locations, and these caching locations vary between deep network caching and back bone caching, how does the ISP define what is the best storage topology to pursue? AR/VR streaming all requires different latency versus cloud DVR streaming or pre-position applications. What are the benefits and requirements of each of the following storage locations: local storage in the CPE or Storage at the Edge of the ISP network? In this working group, participating members are focused on helping ISPs solve this problem by establishing the optimal storage topology for each of the applications that the SVA is working on and underlying technical and functional requirements of this storage.

To create the functional technical requirements for storage and optimal architecture when streaming video content.



The Streaming Video Alliance Storage Working Group has three objectives. First, to identify the various storage locations benefits and applications requirements (i.e. Storage for pre-positioning vs. storage for AR/VR streaming); second, to establish basic requirement guidelines for storage deployments for each of the applications identified; and third, to identify additions and modifications to open caching APIs for various storage locations and establish a standard API or communications protocol related to storage access.

This subgroup has not currently published any documents.

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