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Security and protection of video content, as well as subscriber data, is a top priority for content owners, aggregators and distributors across the streaming media value chain. Breaches in security can not only undermine subscriber trust and confidence, but threaten revenue as well. The Privacy and Protection Working Group is focused on defining a variety of content and service-level entitlements that are implemented by the programmer or operator and enforced within the network or client to impose content and network usage rules as well as best practices on handling privacy of consumer information related to streaming video.

To create best practices on handling the privacy of consumer information and defining content entitlements.



The Streaming Video Alliance Privacy and Protection Working Group has three objectives. First, to identify critical data elements to collect for subscription-based online streaming video services; second, to describe the different methods by which to safeguard this data during storage and usage; and third, to define best practices for safeguarding video content from unauthorized access or theft.

This Working Group does not currently have any published documents.



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