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Virtual Reality/360-Degree Video is promising to revolutionize the video experience. But, as a burgeoning industry, it is also undergoing rapid change across the value-chain. Technologies, business models, and end-user experiences are evolving regularly. It’s clear that the video and broadcast industries need to better understand what is happening in order to make informed decisions about the direction, strategy, and possible implementation of VR solutions. In this study group, participating members and selected outside parties will seek to understand and document the VR industry in an effort to identify opportunities for developing best practices.

To document the state of the VR/360-Degree Video market, technologies, and experience.



The Streaming Video Alliance VR/360-Degree Video Study Group has the following objectives. First, to understand the VR market and how it is impacting traditional video experiences. Second, to capture the state of VR technologies, the players, and use-cases. And, third, to catalog existing standards efforts.

This Working Group does not currently have any published documents.



The following are companies involved in the Virtual Reality/360-Degree Video Study Group.

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