Exploring the Topic

Example Questions

Understanding how people consume online video resides at the heart of delivering streaming services. From server-side logs to real-user measurement, analytics provides the insight into content consumption that can help shape Quality of Service and Quality of Experience. Failing to identify and capture needed metrics can result in a less than stellar end-user experience. What’s more, identifying the best way to collect, aggregate, and visualize that data needed to make sense of the end-to-end value chain.

Implementing analytics requires understanding the answers to some difficult questions.

  • “What metrics do I need to collect from different steps in the value chain to provide the best end-to-end picture of my video experience?
  • “How can I combine server-side and client-side data collection?”
  • “What are the accepted industry thresholds for some of the KPIs I need to set against my data?”

The Streaming Video Alliance identifies, creates, and ratifies best practices, specifications, and requirements around analytics approaches. This will enable ecosystem participants critical and valuable insight into streaming behavior and consumption experiences.